Claas launches new Jaguar 980 and 970 models

Already successfully established for many years, for 2017 the Jaguar 980 and 970 models from Claas have been enhanced and are now available with many new equipment features.

These include a continuously variable front attachment drive, an enhanced crop flow system, redesigned running gear and the Claas Auto Fill system for automatic trailer loading to both the side and rear.

Hydrostatic drive adjusts front attachment speed automatically
The optional new continuously variable front attachment drive enables efficient power transmission at varying speeds. This is particularly advantageous when harvesting with the Pick Up and the Orbis maize front attachment. If the chop length changes, the system automatically makes a corresponding adjustment to the front attachment speed.

The result is a very even crop flow and improved chop quality. Furthermore, the operator can react to changing harvest conditions at any time by manually adjusting the automatically controlled front attachment speed.

Efficient front attachment drive for every requirement
The constant-speed mechanical drive that has proven itself over many years of practical use remains standard. However, the mechanical drive can now also be combined with the continuously variable drive.

This split-power variant with mechanical and hydraulic drive provides high power transmission at a constant speed. This allows the direct disc and maize pickers to be driven powerfully and extremely efficiently.

Optimal crop flow by automatic adjustment of the drum concave
The latest Jaguar 980/970 models also feature a new enhanced crop flow system. One of its key features is the hydraulic clamping system for the shear bar which allows the shear bar to be adjusted both accurately and quickly.

During shear bar adjustment, the hydraulic clamp is released allowing the shear bar to be adjusted without resistance, and so allows the shear bar to be set more accurately and puts less stress on the shear bar components. Once the shear bar has been set the hydraulic system clamps and holds the shear bar into position. This not only improves chop quality but also helps to reduce wear.

In addition to the shear bar improvements, the sharpening system has also received an update with improvements to the access and maintenance of the sharpening system. Better guidance of the sharpening stone also helps to ensure that the chopping cylinder blades are in optimum condition.

The new models also work with an automatically adjusted chopping cylinder concave. The chopping cylinder concave is attached directly to shear bar mounting system and is automatically moved with the shear bar when it is adjusted. This means that the distance between the concave and the chopper cylinder remains constant as the chopping cylinder blades wear, thereby ensuring an even crop flow, regardless of the condition of the blades. Furthermore, this arrangement saves fuel and reduces wear.

Auto Fill now also allows auto loading to the rear
The Claas Auto Fill system for trailer filling to the side during chopping, keeps losses to a minimum during the loading process while also significantly reducing the respective workloads of the operators of the silage trailer and the forage harvester.

A new high-resolution camera on the discharge spout scans the contours of the silage trailer continuously during the run and automatically adjusts the crop discharge direction relative to the contours and the load situation.

A new feature is trailer filling to the rear. When a tractor is pulling a trailer behind the Jaguar, it will fill the trailer over the top of the tractor automatically, a function which is used when starting a field or dividing the areas to be harvested during maize or whole crop for example. The enhanced Auto Fill system provides a further reduction in operator workload.

New running gear
The new Jaguar 980/970 also feature new running gear that offers greater comfort and convenience for the operator. The new hydrostatic double motor, a variable hydraulic motor, has a wide speed range. The new hydrostatic system allows the Jaguar to travel at 40kph at only 1300rpm, so enables on-road travel at very low engine revs, which in turn has a positive effect on diesel consumption.

Fuel is also saved during harvesting thanks to an automatic engine speed reduction function when turning at the headland. As well as reduced fuel consumption, the new ground drive system also produces more hydrostatic power, which results in more pulling power both in the field and on the road.

High tractive power and optimal responsiveness
Operating in the field in first gear, the powerful ground drive allows the machine to run at up to 22 km/h. Furthermore, the new Jaguar 980/970 models offer very high tractive power and optimal responsiveness.

A new optional automatic limited slip differential lock enables optimal traction at all times, even under difficult conditions. It can be controlled either manually, in automatic switch-on mode, which is triggered when wheel slip is detected, or in automatic switch-off mode when a given steering angle and speeds greater than 15 km/h are attained.

Furthermore, both models have a convenient automatic parking brake which is applied when the operator places the control lever in the neutral position. Both new models are also equipped as standard with the Cruise Pilot forward speed control.

New front attachment developments
In future, the Pick Up will be equipped with an Active Contour function that enables fast adaptation to changing ground contours and so reduces crop losses in very hilly terrain.

Both the Orbis maize front attachments and the Pick Up can now also be equipped with a front attachment module which, after one-time programming, does away with the need for future programming procedures. Furthermore, operating hours are recorded separately. In combination with the variable front attachment drive, the module monitors the front attachment to ensure that it is correctly adjusted for reliable operation in the field.

10 model range for 2017
With the introduction of these two new models, Claas will be offering three Jaguar model series for the 2017 business year. In addition to the existing Jaguar 800 series (Type 496), there will be the current Jaguar 900 series (Type 497) for the Jaguar 960, 950, 940 and 930, and the new Jaguar 900 series (Type 498) for the 980 and 970 only.

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