Vistacell live yeast registration extended to sheep and goats

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has extended the registration for Vistacell live yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) to include sheep and goats used for milk or meat production.

Already well-established in the dairy and beef sectors, Vistacell is a metabolically active live yeast that has been proven to improve rumen function, fibre digestion and feed intake. This is achieved by promoting the growth of beneficial microbes in the rumen and creating an environment that discourages those producing lactic acid responsible for causing low rumen pH. The result is a substantial gain in overall feed conversion efficiency.

In dairy cows, this can produce a lift in milk yield of up to 2 litres/cow/day, plus increased milk components, greater body condition gain and reduced incidence of health issues like mastitis and laminitis. In growing beef cattle, Vistacell has been shown to boost liveweight gain by up to 10%.

“The new approval means it’s now possible to extend these benefits to sheep and goats,” highlights Dr Nicola Walker, AB Vista’s Ruminant Product Development Manager. “Whether targeting growth or milk, the improvements Vistacell brings to rumen fermentation efficiency will increase production and improve the conversion of all feed into output.”

Vistacell provides the highest dose of live yeast cells on the market, delivered in a granular form that provides protection to the inner core of live cells. The recommended daily dose rate in small ruminants is 0.5-1.0 g/head for fattening or milking (depending on feed intake).

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