Provita Hoofsure Range Farmer and Animal Health Supplier Support

At this time of year dairy cows have been housed for several months and there may be a build up of manure in houses and on cows feet. Additionally many farms are at the beginning of peak production and have a higher cow to cubicle ratio. These all increase lameness risk factors.

As a company, Provita are committed to working closely with milk producers throughout the UK in order to bring down lameness levels within herds.

For the farmer, on a no obligation basis, Provita offer a Lameness Reduction Programme which includes free cow mobility scoring and/or in-parlour digital dermatitis assessments and footbath advice. This allows discussion of an action plan with the farmer to help control lameness.

For the animal health supplier, Provita are offering an excellent bulk buying deal in March 2014 which includes FOC 2m footbaths. Provita account managers can provide details of the extensive research on Provita hoofcare products and staff training (AMTRA accredited 8-24 CPD points).

Provita have developed a range of Hoofcare products to aid the management of lameness in cattle

· Hoofsure Endurance, a scientifically formulated biodegradable footbath solution containing a blend of organic acid, tea-tree oil and wetting agents

· Hoofsure Konquest, a highly concentrated organic acid and tea-tree oil hoof gel with potent penetrating action

· Hoofsure Combat, a unique film-forming spray containing organic acid and tea-tree oil which provides long-lasting action

Used correctly, Hoofsure Endurance for footbathing and Hoofsure Konquest and Combat on individual cows, the Hoofsure range is highly effective and fast-acting.

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