Rehydration supplement boosts calcium status

A new trial shows significant benefits from using a rehydration supplement containing glucogenic energy sources, minerals and vitamins immediately post-calving compared to offering warm water.

“At calving cows require rapid rehydration,” comments Matt Stott, Farm-O-San Product Manager. “They also need to cope with a sudden and massive demand for calcium. A balanced rehydration can help overcome both these challenges and help cows settle into lactation more smoothly.”

In the trial cows were either offered 20 litres of warm water or 20 litres of Farm-O-San Reviva, a suspension of glucogenic precursors, vitamins and minerals. Cows were assessed for intakes and blood calcium levels in the period.

“While every cow offered the supplement drank all of it, only 82% of the cows offered water drank it all. The palatability of the supplement had an immediate effect in encouraging cows to drink more rapidly, accelerating the rehydration process.

“More significantly, blood calcium levels were higher in the 48 hours immediately post-calving in the cows offered Reviva. Calcium levels remained higher for the first four weeks post-calving).”

Mr Stott says providing readily available calcium will have increased the calcium supply in the gut, allowing more to be absorbed and so helping the cow maintain calcium balance.

“By achieving more consistent intakes combined with improving calcium availability, the supplement will have helped cows settle into lactation more efficiently,” Mr Stott concludes.

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