New from Provita – High energy Calf Colostrum Concentrate powder in a hygienic mixing bottle

Approximately half of all calves born do not receive enough colostrum. This means that many calves do not get off to a good start and their performance can remain below average for the rest of their productive lives. Additionally the colostrum itself and the feeding equipment can be dirty and can represent a contamination risk making the natural cows colostrum less effective.

One new solution to help overcome these problems is now available from Provita. They have launched a high energy Calf Colostrum Concentrate powder. It is available in a hygienic mixing bottle. Tepid water is added directly to the powder within the bottle; it is then shaken and fed via a feeder bag or bottle. The 300g powder contains natural dried EU colostrum, egg powder, probiotics, vitamins A, D and E, essential minerals and a full nutritional feed which is high in energy providing 1300 calories. It will therefore help the calf over the high risk period from birth to getting a suck from its own mother. The 1300 calories will give it an instant energy boost so the calf will then get up quicker and suck more natural colostrum from its mother therefore getting off to a better start in life.

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