BASF Animal Nutrition launches new glycinates product line

Efficient solutions for balanced growth – with its new globally launched glycinates product line BASF Animal Nutrition demonstrates once again how to address future challenges in livestock feeding. Trace elements are essential for the vitality and productivity of animals. Added to animal feed, they serve for example to strengthen immune functions and thus animal welfare. Organically-bound trace elements like glycinates are highly bioavailable. BASF’s solution leaps even further: The new glycinate product line shows an extraordinary high degree of complexation.

“The degree of complexation of our glycinates, which directly reflects in bioavailability and water solubility, goes up to 95% – this is an outstanding outcome,” said Chris Rieker, who heads BASF’s global business Animal Nutrition. “With the right ideas, every aspect of animal nutrition can be made better and less straining, financially and environmentally. This time, our idea comes in particles.”

BASF’s glycinate series includes copper, iron, manganese and zinc. Because of their high bioavailability, they optimally supply the animal with trace elements, and the environment benefits from less excreted trace elements. Other advantages can be traced back to the superior production process: The uniform glycinate particles contain a constant content of trace elements. Furthermore, they show excellent flowability, miscibility and water solubility. They are odorless and extremely easy to handle, as the particles do not lump or raise dust.

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