Copa and Cogeca welcome lifting of United States ban on Dutch beef and opening of its market to EU apple and pear exports

Copa and Cogeca welcomed today as a step forward the United States announcement that it will lift its ban on Dutch beef and open up its market to EU apple and pear exports.

Speaking in Brussels, Copa-Cogeca Secretary-General Pekka Pesonen said “This is welcome news and gives a positive signal to the free trade talks between the EU and US – TTIP”.

“Until now, only limited quantities of European beef has entered the USA market and we have been calling for exports to be stepped up. This should give hope to other Member States waiting to export their beef to the U.S. The U.S. announcement to open up its market to EU apple and pear exports is also a welcome step. Until now, no apples and pears are exported to the USA due to excessive red tape and a costly administration system and this should help to facilitate the export of apples and pears from the EU”.

“In fact, red tape and non-tariff barriers to trade is a key point for us to be addressed in the #TTIP talks. For example, EU dairy producers are confronted with big obstacles when trying to market Grade A milk products in the US which effectively block our exports. This needs to be addressed”, he concluded.

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