Prioritise your safety – NFU urges members

The NFU is pressing farmers to mitigate the risks on farms as ten fatalities, including one child, were recorded on farms in February alone.

NFU Vice President and Farm Safety Partnership Chair Guy Smith said: “Accidents involving vehicles are the most common cause of fatal injury in agriculture and in February were the cause of the majority of recorded farm deaths.

“We urge our members to take some time to make safety a priority. It just might save you more time and money than you think – but more importantly keep you alive.

“Farmers can protect themselves by planning to keep people separate from tractors and other farm vehicles whenever possible. Following the Safe Stop procedure of hand brake on, controls in neutral, engine off and keys out is vital when working on machinery.

“Check, check and check again that vehicles are properly maintained. Something as simple as topping up brake fluid or repairing a load indicator light could mean the difference between life and death.

“As many farms are multi-purpose homes, businesses and leisure destinations, keeping a farm as safe as possible will safeguard everyone’s wellbeing.”

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