French conference looks at xyalanase efficacy and phytase superdosing

The efficacy of xylanase feed enzymes in improving nutrient digestibility and the extra-phosphoric effects of phytase superdosing were key topics at the recent 2014 conference of Les Journées de la Recherche Porcine (JRP), held in Paris on 4,5 February.

“This year’s conference definitely reflected the increasingly Europe-wide importance of the event, with numerous attendees from outside France and simultaneous translations of the talks featured for the first time,” stated Dr Maria Soto Salanova, EMEA business manager for conference sponsor AB Vista. “JRP posters and presentations remain technical in focus, so it is an ideal opportunity to communicate the results of our swine research trials to the European scientific community.”

AB Vista EMEA technical managers presented data from three independent trials at the 2014 JRP conference: Dr Xavière Rousseau authored ‘Comparative efficiency of two xylanase products in piglets: effect on performance and nutrient digestibility’ and ‘Efficiency of a ß-1, 4 endo-xylanase on performance, apparent digestibility and faecal consistency for weaned piglets’, whilst Dr Gustavo Cordero presented ‘Superdosing phytase improves the performance of pigs from 23 to 55 kg’.

“The trial results generated a lot of interest and discussion, and really opened people’s eyes to the possible performance benefits available from AB Vista’s leading xylanase product, Econase XT and revolutionary new phytase product Quantum Blue,” Dr Soto Salanova continued. “It was a very interactive meeting!

“The extra-phosphoric effects from superdosing with Quantum Blue in particular sparked many questions from delegates, and there was keen interest in the potential to improve swine nutrient digestibility, feed conversion efficiency and performance.”

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