Grants to improve hedgerows and boundaries

Farmers and land manager are being invited to apply for capital grants to benefit the landscape and environment on their land under the Countryside Stewardship: Hedgerows and Boundaries Capital Grant Scheme 2016.

“This is a standalone grant of up to £5,000 towards the cost of a range of capital items and is not geographically targeted,” explained Vicky Price of Berrys. The grant scheme opened on February 1 and the closing date for applications is April 30. Capital items available include:

Code Capital Item £ Payment Rate
BN5 Hedgerow laying 9.4/m
BN6 Hedgerow coppicing 4.0/m
BN7 Hedgerow gapping-up 9.5/m
BN8 Hedgerow Supplement – Casting up 3.0/m
BN10 Hedgerow supplement – top binding & staking 3.4/m
TE1 Planting standard hedgerow 8.8 per tree
BN4 Earth bank restoration 7.0/m
BN1 Stone-faced bank repair 31.0/m
BN2 Stone-faced bank restoration 86.0/m
BN12 Stone wall restoration 25.0/m
BN13 Stone wall supplement – top wiring 3.6/m
BN14 Stone wall supplement – stone from quarry 44.0/m

“Once your application has been received by Natural England it will be checked to confirm that you meet the eligibility requirements and you have obtained any necessary consent and that all details and maps have been completed correctly,” Vicky said.”If your application fails any of the above checks Natural England will contact you to explain what is wrong and if applicable how to correct any mistakes.All applications will be checked, scored and then ranked. The highest scoring applications will be offered a grant, subject to budget availability. Offers by way of an agreement offer letter will be made from July 2016,” she added.

If you would like any assistance with this grant, or other grant funding, get in touch with Berrys on 01743 241697 (Shrewsbury office) or 01544 598084 (Hereford office). Application forms available from:

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