Food Chain Marketing awards recognise successful food businesses

The Food Chain Marketing Award, sponsored by Merial Animal Health, and part of the Food & Farming Industry Awards 2015, was awarded under two separate categories, recognising two winners who have innovated in marketing with highly successful results.

The winner under Brand Marketing was Mackie’s from Aberdeenshire, while the winner for Marketing Initiative was OMSCO, based in Somerset.

Mackie’s is a pioneering family business which has diversified into making ice-cream, chocolate and crisps (the latter in partnership with another farming family) – all under the ‘Mackie’s of Scotland’ brand.

The farm has 330 cows (Holstein & Jerseys with Swedish Red Crossbreeding) with arable focussed on feeding the cows. The fresh milk and cream is all used to make Mackie’s ice cream.

Mackie’s business is powered by renewable energy; working from ‘Sky to Scoop’ as a truly vertically integrated food & farming business.

The dairy farm is focussed on providing the fresh milk and cream ingredients required by the ice cream business.

Mackie’s ice cream is available in all major supermarkets in the UK and as far afield as Korea. Mackie’s are in the top 15 food & drink brands in Scotland and are brand leaders in premium ice cream in Scotland. Mackie’s ice cream is one of top 5 take home ice creams in the UK and Mackie’s Traditional is one of the UK’s best selling luxury dairy ice creams.

The Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative OMSCo targets global markets for organic dairy products. Farmer-owned and farmer run, OMSCo is the biggest organic dairy supplier in the UK, and the 2nd largest dedicated organic milk pool in the world. And as of August 2015, they are also the UK’s largest organic cheese and whey producer.

OMSCo’s development of added value export markets is an excellent example of successful strategic management. OMSCo made its first move into export markets in 2008 as a more profitable means of dealing with an impending over-supply of organic milk that they could see was going to negatively impact the UK market following a significant level of farm conversions. Over the past seven years, that decision has led the cooperative into a position of strength in export markets.

For example, OMSCo is now the only European dairy company under the EU-US Equivalency Agreement, to be able to sell dairy products in the US that are certified organic by the USDA. To facilitate US market entry, OMSCo has built a long-term relationship with Organic Valley, the world’s largest organic co-operative with a turnover in excess of $1billion.

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